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GA Fixings
Unit 34
Claycliffe Business Park
Cannon Way
Barugh Green
S75 1JU

Tel: 01226 380779
Fax: 01226 385558

Email: info@gafixings.com


Cast-In Channels


GA Fixings offer a wide range of cast-in channels most available in mild steel, galvanised and stainless steel.

All cast-in channels are supplied with a polystyrene infill to prevent concrete ingress and are punched at regular
intervals to allow fixing to formwork.

Cast-in channels allow fixings to be positioned anywhere along the length providing a large range of adjustment for components to be fixed to the concrete slab.

Components are fixed to the concrete slab via the cast-in channels using t-head bolts which may be removed and re-fixed allowing adjustments to be made quickly where other methods of attachment may require the site drilling of extra holes in the concrete or component.

28/28 Dovetail Slot

28/28 dovetail slot is a self anchoring channel used in conjunction with our range of channel ties to provide restraint to masonry panels.

28/28 dovetail slot is also ideal for the restraint of artstone units, the channel is cast into the back of the jambs, cills etc the unit can then be tied back to the inner leaf.

Anchor Spacing

The anchors on the back of the cast-in channel disperse the applied loads back to the concrete and therefore have a large influence on the load bearing capacity of the cast-in channel.

On G.A.Fixings cast-in channel the maximum anchor spacing is 250mm along the channel length with the end anchors positioned 25-35mm from each end of the channel.

Channels are available in lengths up to 6000mm and can be supplied cut to length (550mm-6000mm). Lengths in multiples of 250mm plus 50mm are preferred to enable full utilisation of the channel length.

Short lengths
Short cast-in channel lengths are also available. Lengths start at 100mm long increasing at 50mm increments.The anchors are set 25m from each end of the channel with maximum centres of 250mm.
Welded Corners

Welded corner channels are used to provide full load fixing continuity around external corners where fixings are required close to the concrete edge.

In addition to the standard 125mm x 250mm welded corner shown, welded corners can be manufactured with returns to suit specific requirements.