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Wall Ties in accordance with DD140


DD140 is not a British Standard but has become widely acknowledged as the primary reference document when deciding upon cavity wall tie specification. The document is divided into two quite different parts.

Part 1 of the document outlines the testing methods and equipment required together with laying down guidelines for the specimen preparation procedures to be employed. It does not offer any recommendations on the end use of ties.

Part 2 of the document contains recommendations for the design and use of cavity wall ties.
The ties are classified according to end use, with each classification having differing load criteria to fulfil.

Minimum test requirements for wall ties to DD140 - Part2


Design Cavity
Width (mm)

Mortar Designation
BS 5628 Part 3
Tension Compression
0.5mm (N)
0.5mm (N)
Type 1 150 (l) 1000 5000 750 5000
Type 2 100 (lv) 500 1800 400 1300
Type 3 100 (l) 150 650 120 450

Classification by end use


Type of Structure


Basic Wind Speed
Type 1 Heavy duty, rigid ties suitable for most masonry cavity walls anywhere in the British Isles. Not suitable where large differential movements between leaves are expected to occur. 750 5000
Type 2 General purpose flexible tie suitable for use in masonry cavity walls of
houses, small commercial buildings and may be suitable where the wall
leaves are of disparate thickness or stiffness.
400 1300
Type 3 Light duty housing tie suitable only for box-form domestic dwellings with masonry cavity walls comprising of two similar thickness leaves. 120 450

The above tables constitute a brief outline only of the recommendations contained in DD140 Part 2.
Please consult DD140 Part 2 for further guidance.


Type 1
Ref: GA1

Type 2
Ref: GA2
Type 4
Ref: GA4