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GA Fixings
Unit 34
Claycliffe Business Park
Cannon Way
Barugh Green
S75 1JU

Tel: 01226 380779
Fax: 01226 385558

Email: info@gafixings.com

GA Sliding Anchors


GA Sliding Anchor Fixings are used at horizontal movement joint positions to provide lateral restraint. Using vertical stems which bolt back to the structural frame and slotted ties into both the inner and outer skin, lateral restraint is achieved whilst still allowing vertical movement.

The stems are manufactured from 25 x 5 section strip and can be supplied in stainless and galvanised mild steel.

GA Sliding Anchors can be supplied with a variety of different head options the most common of which are shown. Other head options can be supplied to suit customers specific requirements.

The sliding ties are supplied with 3-hole safety ends. When ordering please state the length "L" required.
In the case of the SAT/1 the length "L" is measured from the centre of the slot.
In the case of the SAT/2 the slot/drip will be positioned central unless otherwise requested.




Ref: GASA/1



GASA/1 Sliding Anchor illustration GASA/2 GASA/3 GASA/4 GASA/5 Sliding Anchor illustration

GA Sliding Anchor Type SAT/1 face fixed to concrete slab via 28/15 cast-in channel and M10 T-Head bolts.


GA Sliding Anchor Type SAT/4 fixed to beam flange using M10 isolated setscrews.